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I take pleasure in the most absurd hobbies, and find strange things oddly amusing. My life is a happy one and even as its not perfect, it could always be worse. Whatever makes me laugh in no particular order, like a crazy pile of pictures in my desk.

Things you will find here? anime, manga, yaoi, House MD, Harry Potter, Supernatural, SuperBat, Torchwood, Star Trek, Thor, X-men First Class, Merlin, Avengers, Sherlock , Bradley James, Brolin, Teen Wolf, Sterek, beautiful girls and guys as well cause I like them both. Which sometimes late at night leads to the #ttotn tag. No regrets.

I've decided to live a Bradley James appreciation life. As a Merthur fan I still grieve, and I have a John Watson grieving mustache which will only be shaved the day my beloved blue eyed king with the sunkissed hair will smile on my screen again.

Also, I should mention Tyler Hoechlin is absolutely breathtaking and I appreciate his face, body and lovely smile forever. Because UNF. Like a GOD.
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A friend sent me a pic of what appeared to be Merthur (And who are actually Teddy & Billy from Young Justice, art by cris-art, thank you very much tonystarkandgalaga for letting me know) and a very brief explanation of what she wants for a fic, she has an all time fixation about the gay dating world and the Hanky code and the fact that it entails wordless pleading and acceptance of different behaviors or deviations depending on color, type or position of the handkerchief or bandana. This amazing chart  gave me a lot to think about, and I really wanna make it good for her. 

So far I know that Gwaine and the boys from the soccer team are fed up with their Captain Arthur’s bad romance with Lance after he dumped the blonde for Gwen. He’s distracted and that’s affecting the team’s morale and results. They need to get him laid ASAP. But how get him a good date, a guy who’s into the same things as Arthur without having to convince him to give it a try? the good old Hanky Code. So Elyan, Gwaine, Leo and the gang take him to this new club Percy knows and Gwaine presents 2 bandanas he had at home. Of course he has no idea there are TONS of different variations and a difference if you slip it on Pendragon’s left or right backpocket, so it takes them a while to find the one who will “magically” click with him. 

It’s for sure a project for this month.

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