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I take pleasure in the most absurd hobbies, and find strange things oddly amusing. My life is a happy one and even as its not perfect, it could always be worse. Whatever makes me laugh in no particular order, like a crazy pile of pictures in my desk.

Things you will find here? anime, manga, yaoi, House MD, Harry Potter, Supernatural, SuperBat, Torchwood, Star Trek, Thor, X-men First Class, Merlin, Avengers, Sherlock , Bradley James, Brolin, Teen Wolf, Sterek, beautiful girls and guys as well cause I like them both. Which sometimes late at night leads to the #ttotn tag. No regrets.

I've decided to live a Bradley James appreciation life. As a Merthur fan I still grieve, and I have a John Watson grieving mustache which will only be shaved the day my beloved blue eyed king with the sunkissed hair will smile on my screen again.

Also, I should mention Tyler Hoechlin is absolutely breathtaking and I appreciate his face, body and lovely smile forever. Because UNF. Like a GOD.
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I always got this one ready in case I forget what Scarlett Johansson looks like as a blonde. Just… wow.

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